What we do

Why is half the population excluded from decision-making on peace and conflict? Can a democracy be said to be working when a large group of citizens does not have power over their own bodies? How are safe meeting places connected to peace work? What do we mean when we talk about security?

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation has a broad agenda within the areas of women’s rights and peace, but our main focus lies on six thematic areas: create safe meeting places, empower women’s rights defenders, increase women’s power, more women in peace processes, power over one’s own body and security for all. They form the core of our field and advocacy work

These general topics include everything from political quotas to the difference between safety and security, coping strategies for women human rights defenders living under constant threat, men’s violence against women and meetings across conflicts. These issues may appear different on the surface, but they all have the same focus: women’s rights and how to reach sustainable peace.

Women are important actors in peace processes and issues regarding human rights. But in most regions affected by conflict, they are excluded from the decision-making and development work. The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation supports more than 130 women’s organisations in five regions affected by conflict: Central and Western Africa, the Middle East, the South Caucasus and the Western Balkans, to increase women’s power and influence, which is a prerequisite to achieve sustainable peace.

In addition to providing support to women’s organisations, Kvinna till Kvinna does advocacy work and contract teaching on issues regarding women, peace and security. We also work with research development and have started to cooperate with individual researchers and research institutes. By adding relevant research to the experience and knowledge that already exists within Kvinna till Kvinna and our partner organisations, we can become an even stronger actor in the public debate.

Updated in: 2014-08-07