The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation wants the knowledge and experiences gained through our work with issues concerning women in war and conflict-affected regions to benefit others. We regularly publish reports and other material on subjects concerning women’s rights and peace work.

Besides reports and studies, Kvinna till Kvinna publishes annual reports describing our internal and external processes. It contains information about the work of our partner organisations and the progress made during the year. We also produce information and educational material on different subjects, to be used in schools, study circles and so on.

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“Peacebuilding defines our future now” – A study of women’s peace activism in Syria is the first ever mapping and description of the peacebuilding work carried out by women organisations and individual women activists inside Syria, in the midst of the ongoing conflict(s). It is authored by the Syrian civil society organisation Badael Foundation in cooperation with Kvinna till Kvinna.

Updated in: 2016-01-08