International Training Programme – Prevent and Respond to Gender Based Violence

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation and the Swedish Police Authority, are together running an Advanced International Training Programmes (ITPs) on gender based violence. The training is implemented in English and is commissioned by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The programme runs during 2018-2022 including ten batches with 25 participants in each.

The international training programme “Prevent and Respond to gender based violence- strengthening agents of change” aims to increase the capacity of the targeted organisations and authorities to prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence. This will be achieved when participants apply gained knowledge and tools in their home organisation as well as make use of new contacts made for improving coordination and collaboration with others in the field of gender based violence.

The program is primarily designed for mid-level and senior officials working with gender based violence prevention or response in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova and Ukraine. To ensure the successful implementation of the programme, participants have to represent organisations or institutions that have a mandate and an interest to work with gender based violence in their respective countries, such as:

  • Police
  • Prosecutors
  • Social services/municipalities
  • CSOs working with issues relating to GBV
  • Shelters
  • Health professionals
  • Relevant ministries

What is unique about the programme?

  • 5 weeks of advanced training with experts, practitioners and Academics (3 weeks in Sweden and 2 weeks at other location).
  • A participatory and interactive programme with a mixture of qualified participants from both governmental and civil society sector from five countries.
  • Individual and group coaching, to be able to successfully implement participants’ projects for change.

Call for applications

The call for applications to the second batch is now open until 9 November 2018.
Read more on Sida’s website (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency).

Apply by downloading the application documents (pdf).
Download a brochure about the programme (pdf).

For more information contact Anna Sundén, Progamme Manager at Kvinna till Kvinna: anna.sunden(at)

Updated in: 2018-09-25